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The prayer (Salah) is one of the basic precepts of Islam. After the testimony (Shanddah), it provides religious identity to the Muslims as Allah said: "...And perform the prayer and be not of the disbelievers." (30:31) The Prophet said: "The covenant between us (Muslims) and them (non-Muslims) ... more

The Day of Judgment - Signs of the Day - Signs of Day of Judgement

Smaller Signs of The Day

Smaller Signs of The Day

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By: Muhammad bin Bayyumi
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The Day of Judgment in sure to come, but when it will be, it is a matter known only to Allah the Great.

But the Prophet Muhammad (S) has told us about some signs that indicate that the Day is coming nearer and nearer. Such signs are of three types: The first type of signs have already come to pass. The second type of signs are those that appear gradually with the passage of time. The third type is of the signs that appear just very near to the Day- these are called the Greater Signs of the Day. In this book we have dealt with the first two types of the signs that are known to be the Smaller Signs of the Day.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Foreword
  • First: Signs That Have Already Come To Pass And That Are Finished With
  • The Coming Of The Prophet
  • The Death Of The Prophet (S)
  • The Splitting Of The Moon
  • The Emerging Of A Fire From The Land Of Hijaz
  • The Embargoes Against Iraq, Ash-Sham (Syria And Surrounding Regions), And Egypt
  • Second: Signs That Have Taken Place But That Continue To Take Place, Or Will Continue To Take Place
  • The Appearance Of Lying Dajjals Who Claim To Be Prophets
    • Musailamah The Liar, Or The Liar Of Al-Yamamah
    • Sajah At-Tamimah
    • Al-Aswad Al-'Ansi Or The Liar of San'a
    • Tulaihah Al-'Asdi
    • Al-Mukhtar Ath-Thagafi
    • Abu Mansur Al-'Ijli
    • Al-Mughirah Bin Sa'id
    • Bayan Bin Sam'an
    • Al-Harith The Liar
    • Ishaq The Mute
    • Mahmud An-Naisapuri
    • Hamim Al-Mahkasi
    • Abu At-Tayyib Al-Mutanabbi
    • Al-Husain Bin Hamdan Al-Khusaibi 'The Founder Of An-Nusairiyyah Sect'
    • Conclusion Of This Section
  • Widespread Corruption Among Muslims
  • Unworthy People Will Be Entrusted With Authority
  • The Weakening Of The Muslim Nation
  • The Female Slave Will Give Birth To Her Master
  • An Abundance Of Women Coupled With A Paucity Of Men
  • Tyranny And Oppression
  • A Sharp Decline In Manners
  • A Decrease In Knowledge And A Preponderance Of Ignorance
  • Knowledge Will Be Removed From Earth Through The Death Of The Scholars
  • The Spread Of Trade; Giving Greetings Of Peace Only To Acquaintances, And Cutting Off Ties Of Family Relations
  • Wishing For Death
  • People Competing To Build Nicer Mosques
  • The Decoration Of Houses
  • The Converging Of Time As Well As The Frequent
    Occurrences Of Earthquakes And Killings
  • Abundant Rainfall
  • The Nearness Of Markets
  • The Importing Of Many Non-Muslim Servants
  • Third: The Signs That Have Yet To Occur
  • Some People Will Apostatize And Return To The Worship Of Idols
  • An Abundance Of Wealth, And A Change In Climate In The Arabian Peninsula
  • The Euphrates Will Reveal A Mountain Of Gold
  • Animals And Inanimate Objects Will Address Human Beings Using Clear Speech
  • Fornication Perpetrated Out In The Roads
  • The Crescent Will Increase In Size
  • The Earth Will Expel Its Hidden Treasures
  • A Battle That Will Take Place Between Muslims And Jews
  • The Muslims Will Fight The Turks (Not The Turks Of Turkey)
  • A Man From Qahtan Who Will Steer People With His Rod
  • The Trial Of The Saddlebags, And The Duhaima Trial
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