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Books ->Salat & Dua ->Establish the Prayers... and The Prize is Paradise
This is a very enlightening booklet concerning the Salat (prayer), a obligatory pillar of Islam. Salaf were very dedicated to act upon it, and they strive the Ummah (Muslim nation) to act upon this obligation. About this , Rabi'ah bin Yazid said: "For the past forty years, the caller to praye... more

Repent to Allah - Broken Hearts - Created Weak - Humbled Foreheads

Repent to Allah

Repent to Allah

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By: Darussalam Research
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From the greatest bounties of Allah, the Mighty and the Majestic, is the door of repentance has been opened to begin the journey of return; a journey that brings back broken hearts, pouring with tears and with humbled foreheads. Verily man was created weak. Allah the Exalted says, "And man was created weak." (4:28).

Medicine of the Prophet (S)

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tags: Repent to Allah, Repent to Allah, broken hearts,created weak, humbled foreheads

Books ->Women & Family ->Q&A on the Mothers of Believers (HB)

Khadija bint Khuwaylid This beautiful book contains questions and answers about the lives of the Mothers of Faithful Believers (Ummahaatu'l Mu'minin -The Blessed Wives of the Beloved Holy Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him). Question and answer is an effective method of teaching. It has been recognized since long... more

Books ->Salat & Dua ->Seeking Forgiveness

Seeking Some of the topics discussed in this book: Does one seek forgiveness for doing something wrong, or for violating a prohibition? Is one required to seek forgiveness for what he did while unaware? Is one required to seek forgiveness for what they thought about but did not act upon? ... more

Books ->Hereafter & The Unseen ->Jinn & Human Sickness

Jinn in Islam The subject of the jinn is one which is of interest to many people. Folk stories abound, and many superstitious practices have arisen in Muslim cultures with regard to protection against the jinn. Many myths surround the ideas of the evil eye and envy, and there are many strange notions surrou... more

Books ->Muslim Character ->Explanation of Important Lessons (for every Muslim)

Islam Lesson Plan This book is a short work to explain what every Muslim needs to know about the religion of Islam. It covers many lessons under 18 chapters. List of detailed topics can be found below: Table of Contents Preface To The First Edition Important Points To Consider Before Reading Foreword ... more

Books ->Hadith / Sunnah ->Summarized Sahih Muslim

Authentic hadiths Muslims believe that Sahih Muslim is the most authentic book of Hadith after Sahih Al-Bukhari. The Muslim Scholars have agreed that all of the Ahadith in Sahih Muslim are authentic. Thus, Darussalam realized the great benefit of publishing Al-Hafiz Al-Mundhiri's summarized version of Sahih Musli... more
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