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This is a very enlightening booklet by Abdul Malik Al-Qasim, a renowned religious scholar. There are many Ayat, Ahadith and good advices that encourage spending in the cause of Allah, thus opening the door wide to earning all that is good and righteous. Here are some examples: Sadaqah (char... more

Ramadan Fasting Rules - Ramadan Rules - Rules of Ramadan

RAMADAN Rules and related Issues

RAMADAN Rules and related Issues

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By: Hafiz Salah-ud-Din Yusuf
Pages: 32
Binding: Paperback
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This book contains an informative discussion of the definition of fasting, its significance, and the wisdom behind fasting. It also explains some of the important elements of fasting, what is allowed and what is not allowed for the fasting person, as well as helpful issues related to making -up missed fasts. In addition, a number of issues related to the Night Prayer and Zakat-ul-Fitr are also included.

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Books ->Muslim Character ->Prophet's Methods for Correcting People's Mistakes

Teaching Islam There are many teaching methods with different means and aids. Correcting mistakes is one of these teaching methods and educationalists call is the "remedial method." Correcting people's mistakes is essential if teaching people is the aim. Correcting mistakes is a divine method the Prophet (pb... more

Books ->Language & Science ->Dictionary (Arabic-English, English-Arabic)

English Arabic Dictonary Qamus Al-Madrasi Dictionary is both Arabic-English, English-Arabic. Right side starts with Arabic words while left start with English words. You can view sample pages from the link above.... more

Books ->Salat & Dua ->Rationale & Benefits of Salah, The

Benefits of Salah The prayer (Salah) is one of the basic precepts of Islam. After the testimony (Shanddah), it provides religious identity to the Muslims as Allah said: "...And perform the prayer and be not of the disbelievers." (30:31) The Prophet said: "The covenant between us (Muslims) and them (non-Muslims) ... more

Books ->Women & Family ->The Quest for Love and Mercy

Forbidden Marriage The Quest for Love & Mercy Regulations for Marriage & Wedding in Islam This is one of a 3-book series covering various aspects of marriage according to the authentic Sunnah. Marriage plays a most central role in the human life, and has been largely discussed by the scholars of Islaam th... more

Books ->Women & Family ->Rights and Duties of Women

Islam and Women Rights The subject of rights and duties of women in Islam has often been clouded by controversy, personal opinions and sheer ignorance. Although many scholars have dealt with this subject, there has remained a need to discuss wider aspects of the issue. The purpose of this booklet is to remove some o... more
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