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The Noble Quran summarized in one volume: Interpretation of the meanings of the Noble Qur'an with Arabic text in the modern English language. A summarized version of At-Tabari, Al-Qurtubi and Ibn Kathir with comments from Sahih Al-Bukhari. This 1 volume summarized version offers brief commenta... more

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A Well Guarded Treasure

A Well Guarded Treasure

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By: Iman Daglas
Pages: 128
Binding: Hardback
Size: 6x9" (15x22 cm)
ISBN: 9960-899-91-8 (9960899918)
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This is an autobiography presented by Iman Daglas, an American woman who was Christian before, illustrating the ethical and moral values of Islam in the perspective of current tussle between materialism and the search for truth and eternal peace.

It is led to believe that Islam has repressed women...... that in Islam women are second-class citizens, and they have no rights.... while Islam is the first religion to give women their rights, and this book clearly proves that a Muslim woman wearing proper Hijab is truly a well-guarded treasure.

Publisher's Note

All praises are due to Allah, the Lord of all that exists in this universe. May Allah's peace and blessings be upon His final Prophet and Messenger, Muhammad, his family and his Companions.

Darussalam is pleased to present this valuable book, A Well-Guarded Treasure, by a woman who was a Christian before, now has reverted to Islam. This is an autobiography presented by Iman Daglas unfolding the ethical and moral values of Islam in the perspective of current tussle between the materialism and the search for truth and eternal peace in Hereafter.

After accepting Islam, she says: "I had a huge argument with a family member. She was so upset with me of denying Jesus, I tried to tell her, I was not denying him, I just didn't accept him as a son of God, he was a Prophet." The book in your hand deals with the concept of modesty. The Prophet said: "Modesty results in good alone and nothing else."

Proper dress reflects Islamic values. Veil (Hijab) is one of the prerequisites to preserve those values. The Noble Qur'an says: "Tell the believing women to draw their veils over their necks and bosoms."

This book comprises six chapters, all lucidly explaining the virtues of modesty, proper dress to preserve this modesty, and the consequences of blind imitation of western style by the Muslims.

Finally, this book summarizes the relationship between the Creator and His creatures highlighting the very essence of life, love and fear of Allah.

In a nutshell the writer says: "This life is but a blink of the eye."

It is, therefore, earnestly hoped that this new book will inspire the readers to realize that they should strengthen their faith in Almightly Allah, galvanize their love and fear for the Creator, and contribute to the enrichment of ethical and moral values in the society to make this world full of peace and tranquility.

We, at Darussalam profoundly realize the importance of good Islamic literature for all, men and women and especially young Muslims who are easily tempted to imbibe the brightness of Western culture.

The writer, Iman Daglas, has taken pain to collect useful references from the Noble Qur'an, the traditions of the Prophet and quotations from eminent Islamic scholars of contemporary history. May Allah bless her and all those associated with this work.

And our final say is that all praises are due to Allah, the Lord of all that exists.

Abdul Malik Mujahid
General Manager Darussalam

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